2 thoughts on “Scrovegni Chapel Images”

  1. What spectacular images! The colors are still so vibrant, and in most cases the peeling paint simply reveals more brilliant color beneath. Some of my favorite things: angels with red wings; the variety of halos (esp. Jesus’ gold and the apostles’ black at the Last Supper); the “floating” nativity, and later, the Detail shot; the baptism of a completely naked Christ (haven’t seen that before) and the man I am assuming is the Holy Ghost descending from heaven; the raising of Lazarus with the ladies covering their noses behind him; the creepy wolf pulling on Judas in the bargaining for gold picture; the betrayal scene–maybe my favorite; the angels floating above the crucifixion–maybe my other favorite; Envy being depicted as a snake coming out of the mouth and turning back to bite . Okay, I guess I love them all! Thanks for sharing!

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