Travel is Planned Disruption

This is post #1 of our trip to Italy and England, June 2008. We work so hard at keeping the status quo, keeping up with things, staying on time and on schedule in our lives. Things like flat tires, sick children, headaches, funerals, births insert themselves into our carefully crafted schedule and pull us off… Continue reading Travel is Planned Disruption

Map of Our Trip, Italy-England 2008

Itinerary 1--Lake Maggiore, Italy 2--Lake Como 3--Bergamo 4--Milan 5--Bradford, England 6--York 7--Yorkshire Dales 8--London Significant Posts: Travel is Planned Disruption Sacro Monte--Orta, Italy Open Your Being Hermitage Santa Caterina Grocery Stores and Broken Columns–Lake Maggiore area Menu I Hot Hot Day on Lake Como Bergamo Italy Certossa di Pavia, Italy Milan Milan's Duomo Travel Day Once… Continue reading Map of Our Trip, Italy-England 2008