Milan’s Duomo

When we came out of the subway to the heat and noise and bright afternoon sun, the Duomo was sparkling white. This shot is taken late in the afternoon, when the cathedral assumes the rose colors of the descending sun.

The Duomo inside is rather dark, with deep gray stone (although if it had light, it might look differently). We focused on the light: Dave’s shot of the stained glass is clear and vivid.

I liked the two brilliant yellow spots, as well as the “pomegranate” Christ in the lower center.

As per our niece Alice’s advice, we took to the roof–in an ascenseur (or elevator). This is atop the nave, looking from one end to the other.

A very Gothic place, this roof. No wonder it took them hundreds of year to complete this thing.

Love the framing on Dave’s shot, above.

We migrated to the backside, where the spires provided lots of shade and hung out there, exploring all the detail.

The Vittorio Emanuelle II from the roof.

Dr. Dave, taking a shot.

Among all the hundreds and hundreds of statues, not too many women were represented on this roof. It seems like most were consigned to the downspouts.

The repetitive elements intrigued us.

Goofing around on the roof.

I’ve had days like this.

These buttresses are huge, but because the entire cathedral is so large, the scale is lost.

Back down on the ground, and after dinner, we looked more closely at the closed doors. Dave captured the nativity.

I was intrigued by where the bronze had been shined up by pilgrims’–and tourists’–hands.

Good-bye, Italy.

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