York on the Sly

Some little tidbits and sly adornments and items of interest from York:

Part of the wall around the city, that is to say, the wall around the city is in parts.

The York Castle Museum had a series of exhibits on how people’s lives were lived in York through the ages. I loved the iron’s cord dangling from the light fixture, as well as the girdles hanging up to dry.

I read Kristen’s blog about Andrew and then saw this baby, rowing in the washbasin.

I looked in vain for a Keagangate, a Rileygate, a Megangate, an Alexandergate or an Emileegate, but this is the only grandchild I could find up on a signpost. “Gate” means street in this town.

After our bus stopped running, and we realized it was long walk home and we’d better get going (we eventually caught a bus about a mile away), Dave caught the local girl scouts having a night out at the firehouse.

The York emblems and the York rose, on a bridge railing.

When you get discouraged, remember to. . .

They used to refer to the young apprentices in the printing trade as little devils (or so the guide said). This building used to house a printing shop.

A cast-iron cat crawling up the Barnitt’s Hardware Store building.

This is what I look like at the end of the day of touristing.
(And at least one of my children had a street named after them!)

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