Nova Scotia Sunset

We arrived in Halifax tonight at 8:30 p.m., which is 4:30 p.m. our time, which is exactly 11 hours  and 45 minutes after we woke up with a start in Riverside and realized that the alarm didn’t go off and wow, we’d better really hustle and in spite of the Giant Rush out the door (forgetting only the most minor of things, like hairspray) we made it to LAX in record time.

Flight One, from LAX to Toronto was fine, uneventful and I have to give Air Canada full stars for decent seat-rest entertainment screen (plus a plug if you needed it), but about a C- on food.  Luckily I’d brought ours.

Toronto is the site of the world’s leaders gathering for the G20 summit and taxi-ing in, we saw Air Force One, there on the left in the distance.  (We were closer when we first spotted it.)

We made our connection to Halifax, easy two-hour flight, did the car rental thing then tried to find a quick bite to eat.  Apparently the only place the car rental girl knew about closeby was Tim Hortons.  This is like a combination of Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway and they are everywhere.  We’d never seen one, though, so every question the girl at the counter asked us, we had to think about.  The one question we would get over and over in Canada was “Would you like that toasted?” and its cousin, “Would you like that grilled?”  I can only think that when Canadians hit America they must think we never toast our food.  We do.  It’s at breakfast and we call it, um,  toast.  I do have to say, that I actually grew to like a lot of my fast food toasted (yes, we ate at Tim Hortons more than once) and will miss that option once I return home.  By the way, Dave had the winning sandwich of our two orders (we always choose a winner and a not-winner).  We then drove on to Bible Hill, just outside Truro, only having to turn around once because I left all the directions to our B&Bs home on the computer.

We passed the following towns, just to give you an idea of local flavor:
Musquodoboit Valley
Stewiacke (both regular and north)
Glooscap, and

We meet our host (he waited up for us–so nice!) and go to our small, yet spacious room under the eaves where we use our wireless to check the weather: it’s supposed to rain most of the time tomorrow while we’re driving around seeing sights.

This is the front of our Bed and Breakfast, The Baker’s Chest (I took these the next morning).

It’s run by a couple who were tired of the rat race in Holland, looked around for a business to run, and decided to immigrate to Canada and run this place.  The first year they were here they also ran a tea room, serving lunches, catering to weddings and the like, but about killed themselves off doing both.  Now the tea room is available for special occasions.  They still do weddings.

This is the view out the family room area to the backyard; I love those brightly painted chairs.

1 thought on “Nova Scotia Sunset”

  1. Apparently it is going to rain again all summer. How can our water levels still be low?? This was going to be my summer in Nova Scotia too, but we are moving to a new house instead. I think I got ripped off. I hope you have a great time, despite the rain!

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