Ljubljana’s Orthodox Church

(This is the 13th post of our Croatia-Budapest trip, June-July 2014)

(Dave and his sister)

After a hearty breakfast, where no leftovers from the evening before were consumed, we walked over to the Serbian Church.

I’d downloaded a picture of one of my circle blocks from my quilty blog onto my mobile phone, hoping to talk the church-keeper into letting me take photos for my “art project” of quilting.  That was typical behavior for Dave and I–we’d try to think up whatever we would need, web-wise, and download it onto our phones while on the free wi-fi of our hotel rooms, as we kept our roaming signal turned off while we traveled.  I showed it to him, and he smiled, pointed to me and said “your art.”  He gave me the okay for taking photographs, and soon Earl, Anna Clare and Dave joined in.  I think our time there was well-documented.  I’ve interspersed photos of the quilt circles I made when returning home, showing the inspiration and the finished project.

(pattern info *here*)

(pattern info *here*)


Block is in upper left archway.  (pattern info found *here*)


It was breathtaking, and I’m so glad we were able to see it and photograph it.

Next: travels to Zagreb

1 thought on “Ljubljana’s Orthodox Church”

  1. Way to make good use of your quilting talent! I love Orthodox churches–the spectacular colors, thousands of figures, obvious adoration of God and his saints. These are fantastic photos. We missed this church–it was closed during our time there. Thanks for the virtual visit!

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