Saturday: Chores, then Berlin Wall

This is post #16 of our Dublin-Berlin trip, for Saturday, September 22, 2018 (part 1 of 2 parts).

Berlin 7_1
You’ve seen this before.

Berlin 7_2


Berlin 7_2a

But this time, Dave came along to keep me company and he worked on revising his portions of the document they were working on.

Berlin 7_2b

Afterwards, we walked up to the Bibimbap Stand, but because it was Saturday, it was closed (that’s how I lured Dave to the Waschsalon).  We ambled around the streets near the laundromat, toting our suitcase of clean laundry, to try to find something to eat. We bought only desserts at this one.

Berlin 7_2c

Guess the graffiti cover-up is an ongoing chore.

Berlin 7_3

We took our train back up to the place to connect with our bus home, and found delicious sandwiches for lunch at Kant Bakery.  I love this seeded bread.

Berlin 7_4

Up the street is the Christmas Shop where I’d done some shopping the other day, and I took Dave there.  On our way there, a little parade of Trabi cars came round the corner and we laughed.  They really sound like motorized go-carts.  I guess tourists can rent time and travel around the city in a pack with other tourists.

Dave wasn’t interested in anything from that shop; he has quite a collection, so is more discerning about what he wants to take home.

Berlin 7_5 more pillows

Back to the room, with our stacks of pillows and closed blue curtains, and to drop off our clean laundry.  We took a break, but Dave mostly worked on his document.  These meetings are rigorous for him, never-ending work.

Berlin 7_6 desserts

We enjoyed the two desserts we’d picked up earlier, then decided to get going again, with the destination of the East Side Gallery, or the former Berlin Wall.  Dave’s tired but since he has only a few days to see the sights, we head out.

Berlin 7_7Berlin 7_7a











The most direct route is a bus, which I always like as I see the city while I travel.

Berlin 7_7c

Lots more colorful doorways over here, perhaps in the spirit of the East Side Gallery?

Berlin 7_7d

These are everywhere.

Berlin 7_7eBerlin 7_1Bridge

Here’s your Tourist Info about this bridge:

The bridge is built on the former boundary of the municipal area with its rural environs, where an excise wall was built in 1732. A wooden drawbridge was built as part of the wall; it served as a gate to the city. The name Oberbaumbrücke stemmed from the heavy tree trunk, covered in metal spikes, that was used as a boom to block the river at night to prevent smuggling. (Baum means tree or wooden beam in German; thus the name means something like “Upper [Upstream] Tree Bridge.”)

By 1879 the wooden bridge had been modified greatly. At 154 meters it was Berlin’s longest, but was no longer adequate to the amount of traffic crossing it. Plans began to be drawn up for a new stone construction. The transit company, which was planning to build the Berlin U-Bahn, insisted on a combined crossing for road vehicles, pedestrians, and the new rail line.

The new bridge opened in 1896 after two years of construction, and was designed in the North German Brick Gothic style of a city gate with many decorative elements, such as pointed arches, cross vaults, and coats of arms. The two towers were inspired by the Middle Gate Tower (Mitteltorturm) in the northern city of Prenzlau. Although purely cosmetic, they served as a reminder that the site was once Berlin’s river gateway.

Berlin 7_8

Now for a ton of photos of this bridge, which I found beautiful.

Berlin 7_8a

Berlin 7_8b
U-bahn train atop the bridge

Berlin 7_8cBerlin 7_8dBerlin 7_8eBerlin 7_8f

During the Cold War, this bridge was a crossing point.  They must have just come through and done a purge of those Locks of Love because there were hardly any on the bridge, although a few were evident.

Berlin7_Oberbaumbruecke Bridge

This is a look from the other side from where we were.  After we crossed, we turned left and saw this:

Berlin 7_9

A Currywurst stand, a Trabi car, a dressed-up East Berlin Soldier with the fake stamp on your passport option, so we knew we were in the right place.

Next post: East Side Gallery, Berlin.

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  1. We share McDonald’s with the world; I wish we would borrow doner kebabs from Europe. It only seems fair.

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