Traveling to Zagreb and Mirogoj Cemetery

(This is the 14th post of our Croatia-Budapest trip, June-July 2014) Thursday, June 26 We meet Anna Clare and Earl at breakfast, and after eating our way through the hotel's offerings, they tell us they've decided to head to see the caves, back where we came from.   So after some discussion, we agreed to meet… Continue reading Traveling to Zagreb and Mirogoj Cemetery

We’re Learning How to Say Ljubljana

(This is the 11th post of our Croatia-Budapest trip, June-July 2014) Tuesday, June 24  For those of you who are keeping track, it's Tuesday and this is Slovenia. . . Ljubljana, to be exact, and we have learned how to say it (mostly). But before we do anything else, it's breakfast. Juices, hot milk, cereals… Continue reading We’re Learning How to Say Ljubljana

Arriving in Ljubljana

(This is the tenth post of our Croatia-Budapest Trip, June-July 2014.) Monday June 23 We found our way to our hotel (check the front Croatia page for hotel info) and since it was nearing dinner time, we dropped our luggage and walked toward the main part of the pedestrian downtown, walking over this poem (?)… Continue reading Arriving in Ljubljana