Dubrovnik’s City Walls

(This is the second post of our Croatia-Budapest Trip, June-July 2014.) Wednesday, June 18 Dubrovnik once was two cities, divided by the sea: Ragusium and Dubrovnik.  Over time the canal between them filled in and after an earthquake in the seventeenth century, the city's wide thoroughfare, the Stradun, was straightened out and rebuilt.  After I… Continue reading Dubrovnik’s City Walls

Dubrovnik, Croatia Beguiles

(This is the first post of our trip to Croatia, Slovenia and Budapest in June-July 2014.) Thursday, June 17 After a long flight from Los Angeles to Munich, and then from Munich to Dubrovnik, we were happy to see from our airplane windows the coast of Croatia. Having viewed maps and photos and watched video… Continue reading Dubrovnik, Croatia Beguiles