Snack for the Day

I collect potato chip bags that are visually interesting. And Volvic is my favorite water bottle because the opening is large enough that you don't have to do that sucking business to get the water out. This is good for the classroom, especially if you are teaching Freshman Comp.

Travel Day

June 29Travel Day from Milan to Manchester, via Brussels airportPropeller-head ManBrussels AirportJune 2008When ditching the airplane, passengers are instructed to remove their heads.(They really used the word "ditching" instead evacuating.)If you have a baby this hideous, yes, you should definitely brace yourself.We laughed when we saw the Manneken Pis statue on the front of a… Continue reading Travel Day


June 28Milan is Big City, Big Noise (courtesy of the radio station broadcasting from portable tents in the Duomo main square), Big Heat & Humidity, Big Cathedral (4th largest in the world), Big Shopping.This is the entrance to the shopping arcade, famous for its famous brandware, and famous because it was the first covered shopping… Continue reading Milan